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Jefferson Parish

Renewable Energy Solutions & Waste Pickup In Jefferson Parish

Customer care is a top priority for us, and as a member of the communities that we serve, we take great pride in our communities and pledge to keep our streets and cities cleaner than we found them.

Now Serving The Eastbank

River Birch Renewable Energy proudly announces our expansion to the Eastbank of Jefferson Parish! Join us in welcoming this transformative change. Watch our video to learn more about how we’re powering progress sustainably. Let’s create a greener future together!

Bulky/Green Waste

Please DO NOT place Bulky/Green Waste piles under trees or low hanging wires. Also please keep piles at least 3 feet from any vehicle, mailbox, fire hydrant, power pole or fence. All leaves, pine straw, small twigs, and limbs should be bagged. Please place your bagged debris in cart(s) so it can be picked up with regular household garbage.

Please DO NOT place:

  • Under Power Lines
  • In Ditches
  • In Driveways
  • In Roadway
  • On Neighbors Property
  • Across Sidewalk
  • Near/On Fire Hydrants
  • On Water Meter Boxes

Handicap Service

Please contact our office to see if vou are eligible for Handicap Service under the terms of the agreement.


The arm for the Automated Trucks picks up from the right side of the vehicle. The truck will pick up on one side of the street and then pick up on the other side of the street, which may be later in the dav.

Private Roads

We will not access any private roads or driveways without a signed release by the resident(s).

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